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A Guide to the cTrader Partner Program Published by, a popular online resource that is dedicated to cTrader platform, has recently published a detailed Guide to the cTrader Partner Program which shows how to get started and benefit from referring new traders to use cTrader.

In this guide, you will find information on:

  • who is Introducing Broker (IB),
  • why to become an IB,
  • what are the benefits of the cTrader Partner Program,
  • explanation of main functionality of the cTrader Partner Program,
  • how payouts are calculated and processed.

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What is cTrader Partner Program?

The cTrader Partner Program is the most sophisticated Introducing Broker application and a native feature of cTrader created to bring a new level of transparency to the partnership programs. It allows brokers to design custom remuneration schemes for Introducing Brokers, while IBs can benefit from multi-level revenue sharing and daily payouts on a cross-broker platform.

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cTrader Web Updated to Version 3.1

cTrader Web Beta has been updated to version 3.1. The new cTrader Web 3.1 enables faster Price Alerts set up with extended controls and allows users to personalize their trading experience even further.

Price Alerts Tab
In addition to the Price Alerts controls located in main menu under Tools and in Line Study Tools (LST), traders can now quickly create and manage all Price Alerts using the Price Alert tab which has been introduced in the TradeWatch section.

Price Alerts Button on ASP Panel
For more convenience, we have also added Price Alerts button to the Active Symbol Panel allowing traders to create price alerts with a pre-selected symbol in the New Alert Dialog.

Reordering of Symbols & Watchlists
Now traders can easily rearrange the order of their watchlists, symbols inside the watchlist and symbols between the watchlists.

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Alexander Geralis Comments on the SEC Clamping Down on Crypto Margin Trading

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has recently announced filing charges against several crypto-collateralized CFD trading platforms which were offering services to US-based traders, thus violating the federal SEC law. This came as a warning for international companies that have knowingly or unknowingly overstepped this law and allowed US-based traders to access and use the platforms.

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has discussed with BloxLive TV how SEC is clamping down on such exchanges and on digital asset margin trading, how this can impact traders who use leverage and affect the global market overall. In his interview, Alexander covered the following areas:

  • Was this move from SEC unexpected or something that was a matter of time?
  • Is SEC expanding its reach globally?
  • What will happen with the companies that are offering services to US investors?
  • What does it mean for US investors?
  • Is SEC overreacting or providing a much needed regulatory framework?
  • Will crypto businesses start being more compliant with SEC or will they find a way around it?
  • Do we expect to see a more compliant framework from SEC in 2019?

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Alexander Geralis Spoke at Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

On the 7th of November, Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, our digital assets exchange solution, has attended the Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit that was held at Atlantis The Palm hotel in Dubai.

In his speech, Alexander covered the exchanges’ development throughout the last two years and challenges they are facing now, as well as answered the question where money currently is. He also presented cXchange to the international audience, showed how it is different than other exchanges in the market and how it is leveraging the know-how and technology from Spotware’s extensive experience in the capital markets space.

Among other notable speakers, there were also Issam Kassabieh, the Senior Financial Analyst & Strategist and Wesam Lootah, CEO at Smart Dubai Gov, as well as a number of ICO and startups’ top management involved in blockchain related businesses.

The Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT) is one of the top blockchain events in the Middle East attracting thousands of delegates and investors from around the world.

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Techbullion Interview: Alexander Geralis on Future of Crypto Exchanges

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has spoken to Techbullion, a popular financial technology news website, about the future of cryptocurrency exchanges and how cXchange is in line with it. In his interview, he covered such topics as:

  • why crypto exchanges have rapidly changed
  • the move from more traditional trading (fx/stocks) to crypto
  • why traders and investors are maturing and demanding better tools
  • what is the future of Exchange 2.0

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cTrader Wins the Best FX Trading Platform Award

We are pleased to announce that cTrader has been recognized as the Best FX Trading Platform at the London Summit 2018 Awards!

We would like to thank you all for your support and trust in our platforms that helped cTrader become the leading multi-asset platform to trade Forex and CFDs across the globe.

We will continue to build on our success and provide innovation in everything we do, bringing the most advanced and high-tech tools in all our solutions. By staying responsive to the needs of brokers and traders, and committed to offering fair and transparent trading platforms, we will continue to bring value to all parties involved raising the standards of the online trading industry.

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More Functionality in cTrader Mobile 3.1

cTrader Mobile Beta has been updated to version 3.1 and is available now to download on Google Play and App Store. The new version provides traders with more functionality for charting and order creation.

New User Drawings Support
In addition to previously introduced horizontal, vertical or trend lines, in the new cTrader Mobile 3.1 traders can now also draw Ray, Equidistant Channel, and Fibonacci Retracement on charts.

User Drawings Style Choice
The new version of cTrader Mobile adds more personalization options allowing traders to choose preferred color, width, and dash for their drawings on charts.

Pending Orders with SL/TP Improvement
In cTrader Mobile 3.1, the estimated price is now shown along with pips when creating the SL/TP for Pending order.

To view and try the new cTrader Mobile 3.1, please download its Beta version from Google Play or App Store.

cXchange Integrated with the Leading Wallet Platform BitGo

We are happy to announce that we have just completed a deep integration between our cryptocurrency exchange solution, cXchange, and BitGo’s wallet API platform. With this integration, Spotware’s exchange customers will have a scalable wallet featuring connectivity to a diverse range of blockchains.

BitGo is a leading multi-asset wallet platform that protects the world’s leading exchanges and institutions. It processes 15% of all global bitcoin transactions and $15 billion per month across all cryptocurrencies, and supports more than 95 coins and tokens with more than $2 billion in assets, being the largest world known processor of on-chain bitcoin transactions.

We choose to pro-actively integrate with other leaders like BitGo as digital asset security of our clients’ funds is of paramount importance to us. Moreover, users can now benefit not only from our high-performance trading systems but also from a wide range of tradable pairs, including a number of stable coins.

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Alexander Geralis Comments on Coinbase Stablecoin Launch

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, the digital currency exchange solution by Spotware, has been featured on the crypto and blockchain news streaming network BloxLive TV commenting on the introduction of USDC, the Circle’s digital dollar stablecoin, on Coinbase exchange. He also elaborates on stablecoin trend and what it means for the industry.

In his interview Alexander covers:

  • How big are the news of stablecoin launch on Coinbase for the industry?
  • Are stablecoins set to gain more market share?
  • Are stablecoins what we need?
  • How to keep a stablecoin stable?
  • Can you trust a stablecoin?
  • Will we continue seeing the stablecoin trend?
  • Is there an appeal for traders to use stablecoins?
  • Does stablecoin give any advantages to the exchanges themselves?
  • Is it justified for the exchanges to have their own stablecoins?

Spotware cTrader Shortlisted in Top 3 Best FX Trading Platforms

We are happy to announce that Spotware cTrader has been shortlisted in the top 3 Best FX Trading Platforms for Finance Magnates Awards 2018. The final winner will be announced at its London Summit on the 14th of November.

Vote for Spotware:

  1. Click on the Best FX Trading Platform category
  2. Select Spotware
  3. Scroll back to the top of the page and hit “Submit”

Voting is open for anyone who is registered for Finance Magnates London Summit 2018.