cTrader China Package

An add-on for cTrader brokers to benefit from a complete solution to operate online trading services inside China and solves the well known issues, obstacles and costs which are commonly faced by brokers managing their own infrastructure.

cTrader for China

The cTrader China Package is a comprehensive solution that allows your business operate flawlessly in China and other regions of Asia by overcoming existing technological issues and limitations. It is an additional set of features on top of the cTrader platform that ensure undisrupted access to cTrader for users in China to enjoy a premium trading experience.

Don’t spend months or years testing and optimizing your trading platform infrastructure in China when you can get to market in just weeks, with a tried and tested hosted solution.

Key Features

These are the primary features which ensure that cTrader and your brokerage remain positioned as a high performance online trading environment.

Local Infrastructure

The package includes deployment of your cTrader apps on Spotware’s carefully designed infrastructure within and around the PRC. This includes high bandwidth connections
between servers going in and out of China as well as within the country. The solution also leverages proxy servers using Alibaba Cloud. This ensures low latency price distribution
and fast order execution.

Local DNS Resolving

You will receive an additional build of cTrader GUI’s which use Baidu content delivery network so your applications can be hosted using your .cn top level domain without the need for modifying the primary build used by your traders in the rest of the world. By using a Chinese CDN your clients experience a flawless trading session with cTrader without any blocks and time outs.

Mobile App Distribution

cTrader Mobile Apps are distributed through leading Chinese App Stores like Tencent QQ, Baidu App Store and 360 Market. By deploying cTrader in local marketplaces, your applications are better indexed in local search engines hence more discoverable to local users. Android APK files are provided for you to distribute freely on your own website.


cTrader ID sign-in automation service is integrated with the most popular internet services in China, including WeChat, QQ and Baidu. This equips your platform with a truly localized experience. All applications launch in Mandarin by default and support their own independent configurations. The cBroker Admin platform is also translated for effective use by regional representatives and partners.

Drastically decrease any risk to your reputation in China, where rumors about brokers
spread like wildfire. Leverage a hosted trading platform which is stable in China.


The benefits of the cTrader China Package reflect not only the top and bottom line of your business but also provide assurance that your platform will operate flawlessly in China without hidden costs and surprises.

Price latency

It is eliminated by using high bandwidth connection and local infrastructure.

Download Issues

They are eradicated by utilizing local Content Delivery Networks.

Mobile apps

They are accessible by distributing in popular Chinese App marketplaces.

DNS Resolving Issues

They are corrected by using Chinese Domain Name System servers and top level domains.

Conversion Rates

They are improved because cTrader is launched in Mandarin by default.

Bounce Rates Reduced

Because traders are greeted with familiar sign in services such as WeChat, QQ and Baidu.