cTrader CRM Suite

A full feature CRM package designed for cTrader brokers, developed by Spotware. This module contributes significantly to the whole product solution available to Forex, CFD and Spread Betting brokers.


This add-on is a key module for the cTrader platform and the whole product solution available for brokers. This CRM is a native feature of cTrader and conveniently located in the unified cBroker back office platform for brokers and their employees. This solution supports brokers with the entire lifecycle of their clients through all stages including onboarding, KYC, payments, lead management, sales and retention.

cBroker is a premium business management solution relied on by over 80 brokers, you can be certain it’s got what you need.

KYC & Registration

Onboard your clients through an embeddable registration form which can be added to your website and deeplinked with your cTrader mobile applications. Customize criteria for registration and KYC and questions for appropriateness tests on a per country basis. Review all submitted information from cBroker and process accordingly, by either approving] the account, or reverting to the client through Chat.

In-platform Payments

Your payment processors can be integrated with cTrader, where your clients can make deposits via their preferred method from inside the platform as they are trading. Similarly, withdrawal requests can be submitted from cTrader where they are then available for review from cBroker and managed internally by back-office.

Launch or enhance your brokerage with a complete solution from
one technology vendor offering a whole product for brokers.

Sales Onboarding

A dedicated sales application for managing traders in the onboarding funnel, who have not yet completed full KYC requirements. Your sales agents will to see exactly what stage they are at and help them through the process, finally approving new clients once all the necessary information is obtained and progressing them to the next stage.

Sales Retention

Assign clients to sales agents, keep record of every correspondence and review all interactions on a customer timeline. Set your sales targets on a variety of performance indicators including deposits, reactivations and time spent on the phone, track their performance on a global level and create a leaderboard to stimulate competition.


A native customer chat feature which enables your sales, back-office and support agents to communicate with your traders through the cTrader platform, with messages delivered as push notifications to users with the mobile app installed on their device to deliver messages in real-time. The applications of this feature are extensive.

LTV Reporting

Detailed profiles are created for each and every user to get a complete analytical breakdown on their behavior and value throughout their lifetime. Learn everything about their trading behaviour; what symbols do they trade, what volume and how often, do they trade manually, copy or automate, on which devices and more. View how they were converted and at what cost, all their transactions, trading fees paid and exactly how much your earnt from that client per month, from day one.