cTrader Marketing Suite

A full suite of native marketing tools for seamless integration with cTrader and your marketing campaigns, providing absolute insight into acquisition through attribution analytics and more.

A Complete Marketing Suite

This add-on module is a must for any broker who wants to automate their marketing initiatives using carefully designed triggers, hooks and funnels and then evaluate the performance of every client interaction with your lead nurturing campaigns.

All of these very important elements can be available inside the cBroker platform, a unified business management application for brokers.

Campaign Integration

From the Campaign Integration section of cBroker you can build unlimited marketing links that correspond to a specific online touchpoint with prospective customers, such as a banner, social media post or call to action on a landing page.

Each link can point to any destination, such as a landing page, contain details of the source, such as AdSense, a hook and funnel, such as 7 Days of Free Trades.

Campaign Analytics

See the performance of each marketing link on a granular level. Detailed reports show how many times the link was clicked and it’s affect on conversions, highlighting the number of precise steps of onboarding which that link can be attributed to. Steps identified are how many new cTrader ID’s were created, how many new accounts passed KYC and how many new accounts deposited because of the link and the action it was assigned to.

Insight and Analytics

Every click of every link which was created in cBroker is stored on the server, this allows cBroker’s advanced analytics to show every interaction which nurtured the lead and assisted to the final conversion.

This help you to consolidate the information from broad multi-channel campaigns in one place and easily attribute to client lifetime value and optimize campaigns accordingly

Automated Notifications

Engage your demo traders, leads in onboarding and active clients with automated notifications which are delivered to users with the cTrader mobile installed on their device as a push notification and, or via email. Build your own notifications based on an extensive range of possible triggers or schedule them for a specific time. See sent, open and response rates for each notification and see how often each event occurs and the effectiveness of the message.