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cTrader Service Assurance

Brokers offering the cTrader platform can expect a comprehensive product support solution from Spotware and a team of bilingual engineers available round the clock.

Premium Support

Alongside the cTrader Platform as a Service you can expect a premium service assurance solution provided to your business which is designed for providing enterprise level support to organization large and small with a solid understand of each and every department.

Spotware’s engineers will help all departments and agents within your organization at every level. The alignment of interests between vendor and customer that exists through a SaaS business model and ensures you will receive the highest quality of support at all times.

You can always be confident that the information provided comes from the most knowledgeable cTrader technology personnel available.

Key Features

cTrader Automate comes with a wealth of features that enable users to develop robots and indicators
in an efficient and effective manner.

24/6 Email & Phone Support

Support agents are available 24/6, to ensure full availability during trading hours, via an email based ticketing system, phone and instant messaging applications. Service Assurance Engineers are available at any time to assist you with any issue or customer query you might face.

Experienced Support Team

All members of the support team have years of experience in supporting cTrader broker and users. Spotware take all the necessary measures to ensure the support team has low churn rate and is always staffed with high caliber engineers.

Level I Support via Skype

cTrader’s Service Assurance team are easily reachable through Skype and strive to answer your FAQ style questions as well as act as liaisons to resolve your problems as fast as possible. You can get immediate answers and consultation wherever possible on low level enquiries without bureaucratic procedures.

Fast Response Time

Your requests are top priority. Spotware’s support team is fully dedicated in this role, without any parallel and conflicting responsibilities, so your inquiries are immediately received and treated in a useful and well articulated format.

Multilingual Support

Spotware’s Service Assurance team offer support in a variety of important global languages to help you manage your international operations. Support is provided in English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and French.

Offer a trading service tailored to automated traders
and benefit from their frequent trading and high volumes


cTrader Automate comes with a wealth of features that enable users to develop robots and indicators
in an efficient and effective manner.

Early Change Notifications

You will always be notified on time regarding any important change to the cTrader platform. Update notifications are sent at least a month prior to any important release and demo environments are updated at least two weeks before to allow you sufficient time to get familiar and adapt to the new changes.

Consultation Papers

Consultation papers are provided regarding any major features planned for cTrader. All changes are documented and clearly explained in extensive consultation papers that are designed to provide a comprehensive explanation of each subject.

Customer Workshops

Spotware’s business development team periodically delivers training seminars at Spotware’s head office in Limassol or regional office in Shanghai as well as on site our customer offices around the world. The information delivered at workshops ranges from new customer training to consultation and training of new products and features planned or just released.

Open Door Policy

Spotware has an open door policy for all it’s existing or prospective customers. All are welcome to discuss business needs, issues or follow up on important matters at any time. Just a few hours notice is needed and your account manager will be available to hold a meeting, including service assurance engineers and product owners as required.

Technical Documentation

All products are extensively documented. Learn how the cTrader platforms and systems function from
comprehensive user guides and technical documentation available in a variety of languages.