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How to Get More Investors in cTrader Copy

Finding and attracting Investors to follow their strategy is a common struggle that many IBs, PAMM managers and other Strategy Providers face. However, copy trading and investment platform, such as cTrader Copy, solves this issue by equipping Strategy Providers with the promotional tools and features that can help them reach their goals. Knowing that, a well-known forex trading source, Forex-Ratings, has published an article proposing 5 Ways to Get More Investors to Copy Your Strategy in cTrader Copy, which are:

1. Choose Platform with a Cross Broker Feature

2. Be the Best to Get in the Top List

3. Write an Engaging Strategy Description

4. Share Your Strategy on Different Sources

5. Create a Website with Your Strategy

Bonus: Offer Your Strategy as Exclusive  

Read Full Article on Forex-Ratings Released cTrader Copy Guide for Strategy Providers

A popular online source dedicated to cTrader platform,, has published a guide for cTrader Copy focusing on the benefits of the investment platform for the Strategy Providers. The guide provides detailed information on the below topics:

  • The concept behind cTrader Copy
  • Who can become Strategy Provider
  • How Investors copy strategies
  • How Strategy Providers getting paid
  • What strategy promotional tools are available
  • How to get started with cTrader Copy

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New cTrader Help Centre is Live

We are happy to announce the launch of our new help site, now renamed to cTrader Help Centre. cTrader Help Centre offers detailed product guides with step by step instructions on how to use cTrader platform and its features. Among guides, you will find documentation for cTrader Desktop, cTrader Web, cTrader Copy, cTrader Automate, cMirror and FIX API. cTrader Mobile guide will be added soon as well.

The new cTrader Help Centre has a number of benefits for users:

  • It became a part of cTrader community website, making it convenient for users to navigate from one to another.
  • Improved search offers results with highlighted search words in the text and menu.
  • Reading history shows all read sections with a tick. The history can be cleared using the button “Clear History” below the menu.
  • Incorporated side arrows allow comfortable book-like navigation between guide sections.

cTrader Copy Guide for Investors Published by

A popular online trading source,, has recently published a detailed cTrader Copy Guide for Investors, which provides an in-depth information about this new copy trading service available in cTrader.

In this guide, you will find information on:

  • cTrader Copy comparison with PAMM and cMirror,
  • cTrader Copy benefits and new features,
  • Fees structure and costs of copy trading,
  • Availability with brokers and cTrader platforms,
  • How to start copying trades in cTrader Copy.

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A Guide to the cTrader Partner Program Published by, a popular online resource that is dedicated to cTrader platform, has recently published a detailed Guide to the cTrader Partner Program which shows how to get started and benefit from referring new traders to use cTrader.

In this guide, you will find information on:

  • who is Introducing Broker (IB),
  • why to become an IB,
  • what are the benefits of the cTrader Partner Program,
  • explanation of main functionality of the cTrader Partner Program,
  • how payouts are calculated and processed.

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What is cTrader Partner Program?

The cTrader Partner Program is the most sophisticated Introducing Broker application and a native feature of cTrader created to bring a new level of transparency to the partnership programs. It allows brokers to design custom remuneration schemes for Introducing Brokers, while IBs can benefit from multi-level revenue sharing and daily payouts on a cross-broker platform.

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If you are a cTrader Broker and would like to offer cTrader Partner Program, please contact