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Alexander Geralis Discusses Trends in Crypto Industry with Edward Iskra

The crypto space has suffered significant losses last year and, so far, the trading activity is not as active as it used to be. In fact, the market cap has dropped by more than 85%, while the trading activity is down by less than 70% in the US Dollar terms comparing to the last year. However, if we look at the number of major cryptocurrencies traded each day, we do see an increase in the lows of 2018 taking Bitcoin volume into consideration, regardless of the price.

These substantial changes in traded volume landscape had a significant impact on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of them had to close down their operations, while others are strengthening their positions and investing in major infrastructure acquisitions.

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Commercial Officer of cXchange, and Edward Iskra, Director for Communications and Board Member at Bitcoin Gold, discussed these latest trends on BloxLive TV. They covered the following topics:

  • What the fact that the drop in US Dollar trading activity is less than the price tells us,
  • Why the recovery of the daily Bitcoin transactions is not reflected in the prices of the underlying assets,
  • Could the daily blockchain transactions data be a more useful indicator of trading activity than the traded volume which figures are being distorted by wash trading,
  • Should the turnover of coins be used as a metric to judge the markets,
  • What the biggest acquisitions we have seen during this crypto winter were and why they are still happening,
  • Is the failure of exchanges, such as QuadrigaCX, the reason why decentralized exchanges could become more popular,
  • What the major setback for implementation of decentralized exchange is.

Alexander Shulman Provides Outlook for 2019 to Finance Magnates

Alexander Shulman, the CEO of Spotware, has met with Finance Magnates to share the company’s outlook for 2019. In his exclusive interview with a popular forex source, he focused on the below topics:

  • Industry trends and how cTrader responds to them,
  • Main cTrader plans for the year and upcoming features,
  • Reasons for cTrader success among traders,
  • cTrader added value for brokers,
  • The hottest features of cTrader in 2018.

Alexander Geralis Comments on Asset Digitization

Blockchain and exchange platforms offer more than just a space to trade cryptocurrencies. We are seeing some trends of using this infrastructure and technology to add liquidity and create a marketplace for assets outside of cryptos.

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has spoken to BloxLive TV to discuss this innovative approach. In his interview, Alexander covered the below topics:

  • How can collectibles industry, including sports, art, equity and other assets, benefit from tokenization?
  • Having in mind, tokenization is new to many people, how would you summarize it in simple terms?
  • Has tokenization of products on blockchain been here for a while but was unknown to people outside the blockchain space?
  • How does funding through tokenization differ from IPOs, ICos, and crowdfunding?
  • How safe investors view tokenization comparing to traditional trading?
  • How big is the tokenization market?
  • Are there any things that cannot be tokenized?

Alexander Shulman Shares cTrader Plans with

As we started a new year, Alexander Shulman, the CEO of Spotware, has met with, a website dedicated to cTrader platform, to give some highlights of 2018 and share future plans for cTrader trading platform.

  • What have been your biggest challenges and achievements in 2018?
  • Will cTrader Copy go mobile?
  • How do you plan to dominate the EA space?
  • What are the plans for the future?
  • Where do you see cTrader in three years’ time?

Panagiotis Charalampous Explains Why cTrader Is the Best

At the end of 2018, cTrader has received The Best FX Trading Platform Award in London. Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management of cTrader at Spotware, met with Leaprate to speak about cTrader’s success and explain why cTrader is the best.

In his interview, Panagiotis covered the below topics:

  • How do you see cTrader setting apart from the crowd?
  • How exactly cTrader reflects Traders First™ approach?
  • Can you tell us how cTrader protects its traders?
  • Do brokers also implement Traders First™ approach and how do they benefit from it?
  • How does this philosophy affect the industry?

Read Full Interview on Leaprate

Alexander Geralis Comments on Bakkt Futures Delay

Bitcoin has taken another step back from the mainstream with the Bakkt Futures launch delayed again, as they are waiting for the greenlight from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The launch was previously set for January 24th, 2019. The new date will be announced later this quarter.

The Bakkt Bitcoin Daily Futures Contract is a physically-settled daily futures contract for Bitcoin held in Bakkt Warehouse. The product will be launched on the Intercontinental Exchange, which also owns the New York Stock Exchange. This launch is seen as an opportunity to introduce more institutional and traditional market participants to Bitcoin as an asset class.

In the meantime, despite the postponement, cryptocurrencies managed to realize an upswing as Bitcoin broke above $4000 and Ethereum realized a steady gain to the $160 level.

Our expert, Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has discussed the Bakkt Futures Delay in his regular series with BloxLive TV, covering the below questions:

  • How much damage this postponement caused to the BAKKT brand?
  • Looking at the CME Futures launch in 2017 that might’ve been a catalyst in price, do we expect something similar with Bakkt?
  • What does Bakkt have to do in order to be compliant with the regulation?
  • Does the market expect to see a lot of interest in this product?
  • Because this is the 2nd push back for Bakkt, is there a risk of it not taking off at all?
  • Is this push back negative for the market?
  • Do you think there is trust from market participants waiting to enter this market?
  • Bakkt has attracted some notable names during the latest funding round such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boston Consulting. Why is this something important to note? Shall we expect more partnership in the nearest time?

Panagiotis Charalampous Discusses cTrader Open API 2.0 with FXEmpire

Following the recent launch of cTrader Open API 2.0, Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware, met with FXEmpire to discuss the cTrader Open API features and benefits for traders, brokers, technology providers, and development companies, as well as how to get started with it.

In his interview, Panagiotis answered the following questions:

  • What is cTrader Open API and why do we need it?
  • Who is using cTrader Open API and why?
  • What kind of applications can be developed using cTrader Open API?
  • What new features does Open API 2.0 bring to the table?
  • How traders can get access to Open API apps?
  • How can someone start using the Open API to develop their own apps?

Read Full Interview Here

James Glyde Talks About the Industry Changes to

James Glyde, the Chief Commercial Officer at Spotware, has met with a popular online source,, to speak about how industry shapes the company’s development and market feedback on its offerings.

In his interview, James provided insights on the below topics:

  • Research and development process at Spotware
  • Market demand for crypto exchange products
  • Impact from regulation changes on the company
  • cTrader award for Best FX Trading Platform
  • Market response on cTrader Copy release

Alexander Geralis Comments on Crypto Pump-and-Dump

The lack of liquidity and regulation still makes digital assets an easy target for market manipulations resulting in the widespread reach of pump-and-dump schemes. According to the research findings by Social Science Research Network, nearly 5000 pumps have been identified on popular social communication platforms, Telegram and Discord, during a six-month period in 2018. In some cases, the prices surged by more than 18% in just 5 minutes with an overall of more than 300 cryptocurrencies promoted only to come crashing down.

The US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission issued a warning on virtual currency pump-and-dump schemes explaining that the virtual currencies should not be purchased based on social media tips or sudden price spikes. Instead, investments should be based on proper research to separate hype from facts. The CFTC offered a monetary reward for information identifying this fraudulent activity but so far it appears to have little success.

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has discussed the pump-and-dump scheme affecting the cryptocurrency market with the BloxLive TV, covering the below topics:

  • Will the issues with pump-and-dumps schemes be resolved by maturing markets or is regulation needed to cap them?
  • Are investors safer from this scheme when investing in top coins?
  • Are social messaging platforms should address this on their end?
  • How to spot the pump-and-dump scheme?
  • Does the overall slower trading activity help achieve better results for these schemes?
  • How does this type of price manipulation compare to other recent findings like wash trading?
  • Is it realistic to face out the price manipulation in this kind of market?
  • Can exchanges play a role in helping to neutralize the market manipulation or is it out of their power?

Alexander Geralis Comments on the Reported & Actual Exchange Volumes

The latest report by Blockchain Transparency Institute has revealed that 80% of the traded volume in the top 25 Bitcoin pairs on CoinMarketCap might be artificial. According to the report, nearly top 30 traded tokens are engaged in wash trading. Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has discussed this topic with BloxLive TV. In this interview, he answered the below questions:

  • What are the price implications for tokens that pay to be listed on exchanges with fake volume?
  • What does the fact that only Binance and Bitfinex have 100% real volume tell us about the exchange space?
  • Is it good or bad that a quarter of some large exchanges’ volumes is reported being real, comparing to coins that have only 1% of real volume?
  • Having Binance and Coinbase with more than 300,000 of active users each, could this be a better indication of trading activity and what defines an active user?
  • What does the number of active users tell us about the level of adoption and popularity of digital asset trading?
  • Could bots be used to generate artificial volume and can they be run by external parties to create profit?
  • How negative is it for an exchange to be present on the Exchange Advisory List of the Blockchain Transparency Institute and will it impact the exchange in the long run?
  • Over-the-counter volume is not seen on exchanges. How substantial might this volume be?
  • Does the move of trading activity to decentralized exchanges would solve the issue of artificial volume?

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