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Spotware Timeline 2018: A Year in Review

The year 2018 was a busy time for us. The company and its products underwent a number of developments on both corporate and technical levels, resulting in continuous growth and, most importantly, recognition of our efforts among traders, brokers and the public.

cTrader Updates

A number of cTrader updates were carried out with an aim to improve the usability of the platform and enhance the overall trading experience by adding new features and tools requested by traders and brokers. The platform underwent also the major changes in terms of look and feel by upgrading the side menu and adding the ASP panel thus improving the navigation inside the platform and becoming more symbol centric. In addition to that, it also introduced the all in one experience by adding algorithmic and copy trading services to the platform, cTrader Automate (cAlgo) and cTrader Copy respectively. The cTrader Mobile was also upgraded with several updates of the new app that was developed from scratch last year.

Major Highlights

The launch of cTrader Copy was a major highlight of the year, as this is a truly innovative platform that combines the benefits of both copy trading and PAMM, thus becoming a versatile investment platform for anyone willing to become an Investor or a Strategy Provider.

It is also worth to mention the launch of the new cTrader ID site. This was done in conjunction with the shift to cTIDs authentication only. Now users can enjoy a number of benefits of a single login, as well as exclusive features and tools.

Corporate Milestones

On the corporate side, there was a major change in the leadership team with an appointment of Alexander Shulman as CEO of Spotware and Andrey Pavlov becoming the President of the company.

What’s more, in 2018, we received two prestigious awards. cTrader was recognized as the Best FX Trading Platform at the London Summit 2018 Awards. It also received an award for the outstanding implementation of ISO 27001:2013 related to the Information Security Management System it employs.

New Product Launch

The year 2018 was also notable because we added a new flagship product, cXchange, in our portfolio. Our expertise in capital markets space helped us to enter the cryptocurrency market with a premium digital asset exchange solution that allows businesses to launch their own exchanges. cXchange has received a number of positive reviews including the article by a reputable cryptocurrency source, Cointelegraph.

Soon after the launch, Alexander Geralis took the position of the Chief Product Officer of cXchange. In addition to overseeing the product development and helping businesses launching their own exchanges, Alexander also attends cryptocurrency and blockchain events, such as the Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit in Dubai and the United Conference of Internet Money in Singapore, as well as runs regular series on BloxLive TV.

Last but not least, cXchange was integrated with BitGo, the leading custodial solutions provider for blockchain-based currencies, thus adding additional levels of security and more coins available to trade. This was followed by onboarding our first client, Bokka exchange, which used the cXchange solution to build its cryptocurrency exchange.

We hope the year 2019 will be as exciting as the previous year and will bring even more benefits for our clients and users!

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Why Choose cTrader Copy Over PAMM

Due to the interest among PAMM users in cTrader Copy, a number of publications, such as Leaprate and ForexNewsNow, have recently published reviews comparing cTrader Copy to PAMM.

Both models offer traders the possibility to invest their money and get potential profits while allowing Strategy Providers and Money Managers to receive extra earnings from providing their services. While this is the case, PAMM has also its limitations and risks. That is why more innovative programs, like cTrader Copy, have emerged offering the benefits of PAMM while enhancing it and providing additional benefits.

cTrader Copy, an easy and transparent copy trading services of cTrader, provides more transparency, accessibility, flexibility, and control over funds comparing to PAMM, thus becoming a truly versatile investment platform that can serve the needs of any kind of Investor, Professional Trader or PAMM Manager.

Many of you are already familiar with PAMM model. Let’s see how the cTrader Copy model works and then compare it to PAMM.

How cTrader Copy Works

In cTrader Copy, traders can choose from a wide pool of strategies to invest in. The Strategy Provider trades their own funds and charges fees for allowing Investors to copy their strategy. All trades done by the Strategy Provider are copied by Investors based on equity to equity model. The equity to equity model means that the trades volume that will be copied is defined according to the ratio of Investor’s equity to Strategy Provider’s equity. Based on this, the Investors gets their returns less the fees set by the Strategy Provider.

Example: Investor has a starting balance of $5000 and starts copying a selected strategy according to equity to equity ratio. The Strategy Provider’s performance fee for copying this strategy is 10% of Investor’s Profit. Strategy Provider makes some successful trades and Investor gets a profit of $2500 from copying their strategy. So Investor’s return will be calculated as follows: the starting balance of $5000 plus the profit of 2500 USD less 250 USD (10% fee) equals to $7250.

cTrader Copy Benefits Over PAMM

Launch cTrader Copy

Cointelegraph Reviews Spotware cXchange

Cointelegraph, one of the biggest online resources covering the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news, has reviewed cXchange solution that allows businesses to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange.

The review covers the key advantages of the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform to date, and shows how it can benefit those willing to start cryptocurrency business with cXchange.

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cXchange Product Review by Finance Magnates

cXchange, our recently launched out of the box digital asset exchange solution, has been reviewed by a popular online trading hub, Finance Magnates. This in-depth review covers all aspects of the platform and highlights how it is different from traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Software as a service solution and technology
  • Trading environment
  • User experience and interface
  • Back Office and data for exchange operators
  • FIX API integration
  • Trading expertise and support

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cMirror Recognised as the Best Social Trading Platform

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