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cTrader Open API

Build your own application using cTrader’s Open API. It’s a free and secure, publicly accessible API for anyone: a trader, developer or technology provider can use it to integrate with cTrader’s proprietary technology.

What is an Open API?

An application programming interface, abbreviated to API is a purposefully built interface for an application to be created on top of an existing technology framework, which in this case is cTrader. Unlike Spotware’s private API’s which are restricted and used only by brokers for their internal business processes, the Open API is free and publicly available to anyone who wants to use it to build their own application for a personal initiative or business venture. The cTrader Open API is ideal for anyone interested in developing a proprietary trading system or a trading related service.

Why is an Open API Important?

For brokers, an Open API is important because it enables you to provide a service to third parties who are interested in building their own customized trading applications. Commercial users may promote their development in conjunction with a preferred broker or act as an Introducing Broker and leverage their application to recruit traders, investors or subscribers. Without an Open API, this growing segment of partners and investors would be unattainable.


cTrader Open API comes with considerable resources to aid development and troubleshooting throughout the entire project lifecycle.


Detailed and well structured developer library and
documentation for a variety
of languages.


Helpful step-by-step tutorials from start to finish to help you plan and begin development.


Access a sandbox environment to test the tools you have
developed before going live.


Find code examples in
commonly used languages; C#, Java, Java Script and Xamarin.

Offer your traders a unique Open API
trading solution out-of-the box


Spotware will either provide direct support to users of the Open API
or offer in-depth training to your support team to help brokers avoid having
to support a complex and technical product on their own.


cTrader Open API has been broken into two scopes of permissions depending on desired use. Both of which are
available through secure and authenticated sessions.

Accounts API

This permission allows you to get any information about a trading account and the trading conditions provided by the broker which the account belongs to. This includes positions, orders, deals, symbols, tick data, trend bars and more.

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Trading API

This permission allows you to use a real-time Trading API to perform trading operations on behalf of a trading account owner. This API supports both market orders and pending orders which will be created in the respective trading account with the respective broker.

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What can cTrader Open API be used for?

Anyone with a creative or breakthrough idea to help bring value and profitability to traders
can build it using cTrader Open API.

Display Trading Results

One of the most common use cases is using account
information to broadcast trading strategies by populating an online profile such as Myfxbook.

Create Trading Applications

Create your own front-end GUI to trade from and connect it to any cTrader account to build your own platform leveraging the cTrader back-end.

Create a Trading Robot

Connect your proprietary black box algo or trading system to any cTrader account to execute trades via your
preferred cTrader broker.

Create a Notification System

You can integrate cTrader with your preferred messaging platform such as Telegram or Skype and receive alerts and even send trade requests.

Create Charts and Widgets

Get a real-time price feed to use to create your own charts and widgets and embed them into your website, blog or forum.

Create a Copy Trading System

The Open API contains all of the necessary actions to build a copy trading system that will duplicate orders from one cTrader account into other cTrader accounts.