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Custom Development

A solution for banks, brokers and exchanges to save significantly on the development of their proprietary online trading platforms, infrastructure or systems

Trading Platform Specialists

Access the experience and resources used to develop cTrader for your own proprietary platform to reduce cost and risk significantly. Leverage a software development company with a proven track record of developing online trading platforms and related foreign exchange systems.

Custom development outsourcing is applicable to established brands looking to assert their presence or new ventures looking to make their mark.

Spotware has successfully delivered many state-of-the-art custom trading solutions to some of the world’s largest online trading brands and met the stringent conditions of banks and PLCs.


Fast Delivery

Starting a project today means your first release is still years away, in the meantime your competitors continue to develop their platforms and services, setting the bar higher as you work on a minimum viable product. Benefit from the possibility to incorporate libraries, mechanisms and features already developed for cTrader. Instead of building everything from scratch, you can use one of today’s leading platform development companies to manage your platform development project.

Reduced Cost

Software development projects are expensive, even more so when attempting them yourself, they have a tendency overrun. Besides the obvious points such as recruitment, setting up working environment and infrastructure, consider from the moment you start, customer needs continue to change, this can lead to severe scope creep, causing hurtful delays. By utilizing team of skilled professionals, your project will be initiated immediately and delivered in time, with no hidden costs.

Minimal Risk

Software development projects which are carried out within the finance sector have to be performed with great diligence as the industry deals in one of the most personal and sensitive areas, people’s money. All results are scrutinised and there is no room for error at risk of massive reputation harm. Don’t fail before you start because of human error, poor planning and high churn rate of software developers. Mitigate risk by using a proven and professional platform developer.

Take the first step towards building
your proprietary trading platform

Key Features

Spotware’s in house development team of more than 100 developers are able to oversee the entire lifecycle of your project.

Project Management

Your project will be managed by a strong team of professionals with several years of experience in
developing financial technology solutions with a focus on online trading. Spotware’s project managers and business analysts know how brokers operate their business, what users expect from their platforms.


You will be advised at the highest level about building the infrastructure for your trading platform, either on-site or in a colocation center of choice. Spotware offers a full package of services resulting in a ready to use solution, this includes consultation on hardware, maintenance, deployment and integration with third-parties.


Agile practices ensure high adaptability and visible results delivered fast. We reinforce the qualifications of our technical specialists through partnerships with industry leaders and software development communities to continually provide our staff with the latest technical documentation and educational resources.


Development doesn’t stop when your product is delivered. The features your clients want and need change all the time, that’s why you can dictate the priority of tasks in the backlog and fully influence the future roadmap of your platform and watch it evolve over time with your business.


Further reduce ongoing expenditure by receiving 24 hour dedicated support to ensure all matters are thoroughly investigated and are dealt with promptly and effectively. In addition, round the clock system monitoring takes place to prevent any possible interruption to trading services and customer experience.

Development Possibilities

The benefit of having a tailor made trading platform goes further than differentiating your product against competitors, your platform is built around your specific business needs.

Trading Interface

Integrate your brand identity throughout the trading interface to provide a unique experience with advanced features that could even be exclusive, preventing them from being used by other cTrader brokers.


The development of highly complex and business critical systems like trading exchanges for forex, commodities, stocks or cryptocurrencies can be tasked to Spotware, regardless of the specific asset your exchange is
intended to trade.

Liquidity Aggregation

Price aggregation solutions can be developed for STP / DMA brokers who require more liquidity than a single source can provide or demand price improvement technologies for their competitive edge, to reduce the cost of execution or be able to increase markups to increase profit margins.

Crypto Wallets

Support Crypto Wallets for your traders to deposit their trading collateral in their preferred digital asset. Hold the balance in the form of the original asset as opposed to converting into Fiat currency and reduce risk and cost of the asset appreciating or depreciating when the investor chooses to withdraw.


Incorporate blockchain technology to your custom platform, either for internal execution transparency, operating a peer to peer exchange, processing cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals or account balance transfers or to differentiate your online trading solution from the mainstream market.

Marketing Automation

Shape your marketing automation strategies around your trading platform, which is the physical gateway
to your services. Drive conversion, engagement and retention of your customers by nurturing everyone one of them.


Strong customer relationships are of great importance in every sector, this is amplified for businesses working with individuals personal finances and investments. Sometimes off the shelf solutions can’t ensure your customer’s positive experience and good impression of your brand.

Partnership Programs

Today’s online only businesses rely on reputation and recommendations to reach new customers, partnership programs are the best way to leverage this trend. Build partnership models that appeal to different groups. Define tracking methods, payout strategies and marketing tools that suit your objectives. Examples include refer a friend prizes, revenue share, rebates, cost per lead and cost per acquisition.


Analytics have become an integral part of decision making. Knowing exactly what’s happening inside your trading platform is essential to risk management, marketing, promotions, products and feature planning. Detailed analytics can be designed according to your key performance indicators and areas of interest to help you analyse client data.