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The Pioneer of Technical Analysis Research

About BBSP Integration

One of the leading independent technical research firms on the market, BBSP, currently services buy-side clients in over 20 countries on the basis of its thorough expertise in technical research and consulting. When it comes to investment optimization, BBSP is proud to have leading banks, hedge funds, asset managers and corporations on board as part of its network.



From 1 year outlook to intraday, the research provides clients with a looming selection of strategic and tactical scenarios for their business


Technical analysis is available on a large selection of markets, including fixed income, Foreign Exchange, equities, commodities, as well as any other ‘On-Request Basis’ with a 24/5 continuous update


First Class Consulting is offered to ensure a specific, need-tailored approach and direct access for any market-related queries


Trading process decision-making, and trading risks optimization guidance is attended to from A to Z