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How to Get More Investors in cTrader Copy

Finding and attracting Investors to follow their strategy is a common struggle that many IBs, PAMM managers and other Strategy Providers face. However, copy trading and investment platform, such as cTrader Copy, solves this issue by equipping Strategy Providers with the promotional tools and features that can help them reach their goals. Knowing that, a well-known forex trading source, Forex-Ratings, has published an article proposing 5 Ways to Get More Investors to Copy Your Strategy in cTrader Copy, which are:

1. Choose Platform with a Cross Broker Feature

2. Be the Best to Get in the Top List

3. Write an Engaging Strategy Description

4. Share Your Strategy on Different Sources

5. Create a Website with Your Strategy

Bonus: Offer Your Strategy as Exclusive  

Read Full Article on Forex-Ratings Released cTrader Copy Guide for Strategy Providers

A popular online source dedicated to cTrader platform,, has published a guide for cTrader Copy focusing on the benefits of the investment platform for the Strategy Providers. The guide provides detailed information on the below topics:

  • The concept behind cTrader Copy
  • Who can become Strategy Provider
  • How Investors copy strategies
  • How Strategy Providers getting paid
  • What strategy promotional tools are available
  • How to get started with cTrader Copy

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Spotware Timeline 2018: A Year in Review

The year 2018 was a busy time for us. The company and its products underwent a number of developments on both corporate and technical levels, resulting in continuous growth and, most importantly, recognition of our efforts among traders, brokers and the public.

cTrader Updates

A number of cTrader updates were carried out with an aim to improve the usability of the platform and enhance the overall trading experience by adding new features and tools requested by traders and brokers. The platform underwent also the major changes in terms of look and feel by upgrading the side menu and adding the ASP panel thus improving the navigation inside the platform and becoming more symbol centric. In addition to that, it also introduced the all in one experience by adding algorithmic and copy trading services to the platform, cTrader Automate (cAlgo) and cTrader Copy respectively. The cTrader Mobile was also upgraded with several updates of the new app that was developed from scratch last year.

Major Highlights

The launch of cTrader Copy was a major highlight of the year, as this is a truly innovative platform that combines the benefits of both copy trading and PAMM, thus becoming a versatile investment platform for anyone willing to become an Investor or a Strategy Provider.

It is also worth to mention the launch of the new cTrader ID site. This was done in conjunction with the shift to cTIDs authentication only. Now users can enjoy a number of benefits of a single login, as well as exclusive features and tools.

Corporate Milestones

On the corporate side, there was a major change in the leadership team with an appointment of Alexander Shulman as CEO of Spotware and Andrey Pavlov becoming the President of the company.

What’s more, in 2018, we received two prestigious awards. cTrader was recognized as the Best FX Trading Platform at the London Summit 2018 Awards. It also received an award for the outstanding implementation of ISO 27001:2013 related to the Information Security Management System it employs.

New Product Launch

The year 2018 was also notable because we added a new flagship product, cXchange, in our portfolio. Our expertise in capital markets space helped us to enter the cryptocurrency market with a premium digital asset exchange solution that allows businesses to launch their own exchanges. cXchange has received a number of positive reviews including the article by a reputable cryptocurrency source, Cointelegraph.

Soon after the launch, Alexander Geralis took the position of the Chief Product Officer of cXchange. In addition to overseeing the product development and helping businesses launching their own exchanges, Alexander also attends cryptocurrency and blockchain events, such as the Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit in Dubai and the United Conference of Internet Money in Singapore, as well as runs regular series on BloxLive TV.

Last but not least, cXchange was integrated with BitGo, the leading custodial solutions provider for blockchain-based currencies, thus adding additional levels of security and more coins available to trade. This was followed by onboarding our first client, Bokka exchange, which used the cXchange solution to build its cryptocurrency exchange.

We hope the year 2019 will be as exciting as the previous year and will bring even more benefits for our clients and users!

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Spotware Revamps Marketing Portal

We are happy to present the new Spotware Marketing Portal, which is an extensive marketing resource for Spotware clients and partners. It provides various materials, including platform screenshots, logos, creatives, videos, content, and others. The portal is available to help cTrader brokers and providers of cXchange to promote the platforms to their users. We plan to continue adding new materials regularly.

With the new Spotware Marketing Portal you can:

  • Download Spotware, cTrader, and cXchange logos in PNG and AI formats,
  • Download cTrader and cXchange screenshots broken down per releases and platform applications,
  • View and download various creatives including banners, infographics, and social post images,
  • View and download product white papers and resources for product positioning and promotion,
  • Watch and embed to your website cTrader platforms’ videos,
  • Copy URL formats to create the branded links to cTrader trading platforms,
  • Customize and embed Spotware branded widgets into your website or blog.

Alexander Shulman Provides Outlook for 2019 to Finance Magnates

Alexander Shulman, the CEO of Spotware, has met with Finance Magnates to share the company’s outlook for 2019. In his exclusive interview with a popular forex source, he focused on the below topics:

  • Industry trends and how cTrader responds to them,
  • Main cTrader plans for the year and upcoming features,
  • Reasons for cTrader success among traders,
  • cTrader added value for brokers,
  • The hottest features of cTrader in 2018.

Alexander Shulman Shares cTrader Plans with

As we started a new year, Alexander Shulman, the CEO of Spotware, has met with, a website dedicated to cTrader platform, to give some highlights of 2018 and share future plans for cTrader trading platform.

  • What have been your biggest challenges and achievements in 2018?
  • Will cTrader Copy go mobile?
  • How do you plan to dominate the EA space?
  • What are the plans for the future?
  • Where do you see cTrader in three years’ time?

New cTrader Help Centre is Live

We are happy to announce the launch of our new help site, now renamed to cTrader Help Centre. cTrader Help Centre offers detailed product guides with step by step instructions on how to use cTrader platform and its features. Among guides, you will find documentation for cTrader Desktop, cTrader Web, cTrader Copy, cTrader Automate, cMirror and FIX API. cTrader Mobile guide will be added soon as well.

The new cTrader Help Centre has a number of benefits for users:

  • It became a part of cTrader community website, making it convenient for users to navigate from one to another.
  • Improved search offers results with highlighted search words in the text and menu.
  • Reading history shows all read sections with a tick. The history can be cleared using the button “Clear History” below the menu.
  • Incorporated side arrows allow comfortable book-like navigation between guide sections.

Match-Trade Technologies Launch cTrader White Label Solutions

We are happy to announce that we have extended our partnership with Match-Trade Technologies, an FX and Crypto technology provider, to bring a new quality of turnkey White Label solutions.

cTrader White Labels will be offered by Match-Trade and complemented with their high-quality tools like integrated Client Office (expanded with CRM feature) appreciated by many brokers, crypto payment gateway and ultra-fast data feeds. Match-Trade also guarantees seamless integration with any Liquidity Provider. The most important advantage of such a combo is the fact that it offers the highest quality service and a relatively low entry threshold making it easy to implement and affordable even for start-up brokers.

What distinguishes this solution offered in cooperation with Match-Trade is the advanced technology and client support provided by Match-Trade experts that further enrich our core-offering. Thanks to this, our clients will receive a comprehensive and optimal solution tailored to their needs and the certainty that the entire set up process will run smoothly allowing them to focus on business development and get the best experience of the cTrader platform.

Match-Trade Technologies and Spotware will be attending the financial B2B iFX EXPO Asia in Hong Kong on 22-24 January 2019, where the details of the partnership will be presented.

Anyone interested in launching a cTrader White Label can contact Match-Trade for more information. Or find out more about how cTrader White Labels work here.

Book Your Meeting with cTrader and cXchange at the iFX Expo Asia

On the 22nd to 24th of January, the iFX Expo Asia will take place in Hong Kong, where the representatives of both our brands, cTrader and cXchange, will be available for meetings to show all the benefits of these products for your business.

If you are interested in cTrader, book your meeting now with James Glyde, the Chief Commercial Officer at Spotware, by contacting him at

If you are interested in cXchange, book your meeting now with Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange at Spotware, by contacting him at

Alexander Geralis will also hold his workshop at the expo about the demands of the maturing crypto industry and how to build a leading exchange. Read more about the workshop here.

See you at the iFX Expo!

Panagiotis Charalampous Explains Why cTrader Is the Best

At the end of 2018, cTrader has received The Best FX Trading Platform Award in London. Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management of cTrader at Spotware, met with Leaprate to speak about cTrader’s success and explain why cTrader is the best.

In his interview, Panagiotis covered the below topics:

  • How do you see cTrader setting apart from the crowd?
  • How exactly cTrader reflects Traders First™ approach?
  • Can you tell us how cTrader protects its traders?
  • Do brokers also implement Traders First™ approach and how do they benefit from it?
  • How does this philosophy affect the industry?

Read Full Interview on Leaprate